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Route Update

Currently: Ubud, Bali Thailand: August 4 – Sep 24 PARIS to visit Kayla: Sep 24-28 NYC: Sep 28-Oct 6 Then to Colorado for the season! They dates are obviously not concrete but the destinations are!! Pictures soon (the Internet in Bali could so not handle uploading them!)! Much love, B Advertisements

Bali in a minute

Wrote a really long entry and accidentally deleted it! Need to remember to write in a different app first.. Anyway a quick summary of what I’ve been up to in Bali. Spent a night in Seminyak villa before heading down to uber rustic Bingin beach, a surf hangout. Been staying on top of a warung … Continue reading

Its only a hop, skip, *hiccup* and a jump from Rapa Nui to Bali

Shortly after starting my multiple flight journey to Bali I encountered my first problem, a small 2 hour delay, after that they kept coming broken seats, more delays, movies not working, but all relatively minor hiccups because I was on my way to Bali!! Well after arriving in Sydney at 7am in the morning and … Continue reading

Easter Island Pictures


Land of the big dummy heads!

I arrived on Easter Island yesterday, land of Moai heads and wild horses (there are more horses than people!). I’m camping at Chez Cecilia. Tomorrow I’ll be driving around the island and checking out all the Moai. Here are some Moai that are literally in my backyard! I’ll be heading to Bali on the 11th, … Continue reading

After 10 days in Cusco, we’re heading to Chile

After wandering the markets of Cusco, doing a fair bit of cashmere shopping, checking out the hippies in San Blas, exploring Machu Pichu and the Inca trail, and experiencing the 24 hour festivities of the winter solstice, we are starting our 3 day journey to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Here are some pictures from … Continue reading

After 10 days in Cusco, we’re heading to Chile

Before our bike ride! All the hiking essentials Lindsey climbing down the waterfall Doesn’t even do how high up we were justice! Cable car across the rapids Lindsey scaling Waynupichu Top of Waynupichu!

According to El Dicionario Ingles the first English word starting with H is “hangover” and defined using “Vegas”

Snapshots of us in Peru

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