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Traveling Peru with a Passion Fruit in my Pocket

Now that we are in Peru – I (Lindsey) will be taking over this blog. My travels started out with a 6am phone call (3 hrs before my flight to LAX) from Brittany saying that she may not quite make it to Peru because she didn’t have the paperwork for Yellow Fever (even though you don’t need the shot here anyway). This was great news, since #Iprobablyshouldntbebackpacking anyway, let alone flying solo. As Britt was working out those customs issues, I was getting full body frisked by a woman with a mustache at LAX. Once it was confirmed that Brittany would in fact be traveling to Peru, I was told my flight had a 12 hour delay. Luckily, knowing that an airport is still a public place, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in backpacking apparel in public (I packed sandals just for the airport), I was fine to spend the day in LA.

Exactly 24hrs from my scheduled departure time, I made it to Lima, where I met up with Brittany, took over this blog, and spent many hours planning the rest of our trip.

We had a great conversation with a group of Brazilians whose words were translated by another person who spoke both Portuguese and Spanish, and was then translated to me by Brittany. Think “Paris at last” episode of I Love Lucy for a grasp at how complicated this conversation was.

The best part of Lima is the Barranco District, which is filled with good restaurants and a cool art seen. To get there we had to take a collectivo – a type of bus that you literally have to jump on while it’s still driving down the street. We agreed that two days was enough here and headed south.

After a 4 hour bus ride, during which we watched Babel in Spanish and didn’t understand a thing (sort of ironic), we made it to Pisco. The book specifically says that Pisco is pretty dangerous and to never ever walk outside at night. So naturally, we got in just after the sun had set. With my pepper spray in hand, we strolled through the dark street to get a taxi and made it safely to the hotel.

Tomorrow we will be 5 minutes away in Paracas, Peru -frequently referred to as the “poor man’s Galapagos – and then making our way to Haucachina, where we plan to stay for a couple of days.

Until then.
xoxo L&B



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