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Summit County, USA

I’m Living on a Permanent Ski Vacation

I taught a private lesson today.. and told myself for the six gazillionth time that I’d start journaling/blogging/recording-my-relatively-eventful-life. Alas, here I go. I’m currently residing in Blue River, itself a town I have yet to explore, however it’s proximity to Breckenridge has been immensely more convenient than my previous 30 minute commute from Dillon. Work has been great, I still laugh at myself every morning for being so excited to work for pennies when in all actuality I could be working at the spa 8 hours a week and be making the same paycheck.. But I always thought it’d be so cool to be a ski school instructor and all cheesiness aside it kind of has been. I haven’t been this consistently happy in quite a while. And I’m not going to lie, probably one of the hardest parts of life right now (besides my paycheck) has been the fact that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with how happy I am considering how it threw someone who is (but really more “was”) very important to me’s life for a loop. —-(I just rewrote and erased a sentence at least three times attempting to protect someones feelings, but I am here by making an editorial decision, and apology, in regards to being frank about.. well whatever it is I’m writing here. I mean only to provide insight to my thoughts.. not hurt anyone, including myself.)—- I am, for the first time really, trying to do life as just me. It’s kind of a crazy feeling knowing that within reason… or not.. anything is possible. I mean really, I am about to go around the world, I am living on a permanent ski vacation, I have great housemates, fun coworkers, a job I don’t dread, good people around me.. and I’m pretty sure I’m really, truly happy. There are plenty of things I could complain about, but why? Laundry to be done, smelly feet are no good. Guess I’ll get back to writing about that private lesson.. ADD much?



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