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Summit County, USA

It’s a Beautiful Day

Lindsey and I in Vail, CO circa 1992

Thought I’d start this post with one of my favorite throw back pics of my little sister Lindsey and I circa Presidents Week 1992… we were feeling pretty freaking bad ass in our day glow jumpers and “Vail” garb.

So its been a little over a month since I got to Summit county and I have to say that I don’t think I could have picked a better place to start this little journey.  There really is something amazing to be said about a town full of people who live somewhere because they are following their passions. It’s really hard to be grumpy showing up to work at 8:30am (even if you were just out dancing until 3 in the morning) because showing up to work means getting to throw on our riding clothes and teach people how to do something we love so much that we moved somewhere just so we could do it every single day.

I hadn’t even realized it that I didn’t have one free ride day yet this season, so I was stoked when I got to go out and ride and just take the day off yesterday.  I planned on riding alone, listening to some jams, and jibbing around with my locker buddy, Sydney’s sick new Never Summer rocker board (haven’t ever ridden anything but regular camber). Instead one of my friends here, Pat got the day off too so we went to meet up with some of his college buddies and make some turns.  Note to self: If you usually ride a 154 pow board, trying to drop double black pow on a 139 jib board is probably silly, but incredibly fun none the less!  We went up to Imperial chair and hiked to the top which happens to be 12,998 ft… apparently the mountain couldn’t manage to grow the 2 extra feet to be a 13er! The views were crazy, 360 degrees on a perfectly beautiful, clear day! Since I’m definitely one of those people who always trys to capture something beautiful on something tangible, I snapped some pictures.  But as I’ve always found out before, the thousand words a picture is worth couldn’t even begin to do justice to the magnitude of what I saw yesterday.

View from the Summit of Imperial - Yep, that's my office.

Top of the World – 360 from the Summit of Imperial

Riding Imperial was awesome, I haven’t dropped lines like those in almost 2 years.. and I was SCARED.  I realized I definitely need to get my butt back out on tougher terrain in the next few weeks, I’ve gotten too comfortable riding the blues on 9 and the easy blacks off Falcon chair… not okay.  I always get stoked when I find friends to ride with that are (way) better than me, it keeps me on my toes.  I’m not good at challenging myself when I’m out riding on my own, I tend to stick to what I know and just cruise to music.. which is always fun but now, I want to get better.

“I wanted to be scared again… I wanted to feel unsure again. That’s the only way I learn, the only way I feel challenged.”

— Connie Chung

Chutes at Imperial - See the red stick? Okay, now do you see the two little people on the left of it? Follow that line to the even tinier two people on the left of them... That left most one is Pat, that kid has some serious skills.



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