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Santa Barbara, USA

My Travel Agent’s Suggestion

I got the final quote from my travel agent today for my dream itinerary! Down fall was that it was a good deal above my original budgeted amount for a ticket (thanks to very recently changed fare rules on “around the world” tickets). I figure since I’m going for this dream, I might as well go all the way! She mentioned to me a couple that wanted to do a very similar trip to me and they had set up a sponsorship site and family, friends, and even strangers had donated to helping them go through with their dream! I found the site, its called GoFundMe. I joined up and made my own sponsorship page so I’m very excited to see how it goes! I am so so so excited for this adventure! If you feel like helping out or even checking it out (maybe you have a dream that needs funding!) you can click on the “Sponsor Me” link above, or right here!



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