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Santa Barbara, USA

Extra Passport Pages!

Extra Passport Pages

I got my passport back from the passport agency today! I now have an extra set of visa pages sewn in, 92 new spots to fill!

My newest itinerary

24FEB –   Burbank, CA-DFW, DFW-Belize

backpack Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

24MAR – Costa Rica- MIA, MIA-Caracus

backpack Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Chile

28JUN –  Santiago-Easter Island

Easter Island

05JUL –  Easter Island-Santiago, Santiago-Sydney


12JUL –  Sydney-Bali


21SEP –  Bali-HKG, HKG-Bangkok

Thai Yoga Massage course and backpacking Laos, Veitnam, and Cambodia

(dates after this are made-up because I can only book out 330 days)

15JAN –  Bangkok-AMM, AMM-Tel Aviv


01FEB Tel Aviv-LHR, LHR-Atlanta

..so Excited!



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